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The history of the Department of Mathematics at NUS traces back to 1929, when science education began in Singapore with the opening of Raffles College with less than five students enrolled in mathematics. Today it is one of the largest departments in NUS, with about 70 faculty members and teaching staff. The Department offers a wide selection of courses (called modules) covering very broad areas of mathematical sciences with about 6,000 students enrolling in each semester. Apart from offering B.Sc. programmes in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Quantitative Finance, the Department also participates actively in major interdisciplinary programmes, including the double degree programme in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, the double major programme in Mathematics and Economics. Another example of the Department's student centric educational philosophy is the Special Programme in Mathematics (SPM), which is specially designed for a select group of students who have a strong passion and aptitude for mathematics. The aim is to enable these students to build a solid foundation for a future career in mathematical research or state-of-the-art applications of mathematics in industry.

The Department is ranked among the best in Asia in mathematical research. It offers a diverse and vibrant programme in graduate studies, in fundamental and applied mathematics. In addition, it enhances the skills and knowledge of quantitative finance professionals through the MSc Programme in Quantitative Finance (MQF). The Department promotes interdisciplinary applications of mathematics in science, engineering and commerce. Faculty members' research covers all major areas of contemporary mathematics. For more information, please see research overview, selected publications, and faculty profile.

Nov 2014
The Faculty of Science celebrates its 85th anniversary this year, and the celebrations culminated with the 85th anniversary celebration dinner on 8 November. This year's recipients for the Faculty's Distinguished Alumni and Outstanding Alumni awards received the awards from President Tony Tan at the dinner.

The department congratulates our alumni for receiving the Outstanding Alumni Award 2014

Dr Hang Kim Hoo
BSc (Hons) 1983, MSc 1999, PhD 2007
Principal, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

Dr Koh Khee Meng
BSc 1968
Former Professor, Department of Mathematics, NUS

Prof John K.-H. Quah
BSc (Hons) 1986
Professor, Economic Theory, Oxford University



 Model order reduction for cardiovascular simulation
Speaker: Alfio Quarteroni
EPFL, Switzerland
Date: 06 Jan 2015 15:00
Venue: S17 #04-06 SR1

 Images, PDEs and critical regularity spaces: Hierarchical construction of their nonlinear solutions
Speaker: Eitan Tadmor
University of Maryland
Date: 15 Dec 2014 14:00
Venue: S17 #04-06 SR1

 Introduction to analytic torsion
Speaker: Xiaonan Ma
Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7
Date: 26 Nov 2014 14:00
Venue: S17 #04-06 SR1


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