NUS-SJTU Joint Programme - M.Sc in Quantitative Finance (NUS-SJTU MQF)

Graduation Requirements

  • For students admitted from 2018/2019

    Please note that there will be no supplementary examination. NUS requires a student who fails an essential module to repeat the module. A student may also enrol in extra elective modules to fulfil CAP requirement for graduation. Students are required to pay additional tuition fees for repeating an essential module or enrol in extra elective modules.

Continuation Requirements

A student will be issued a warning for any semester in which his/her CAP falls below 3.00.

If in the following semester, the student's CAP again falls below 3.00 but is above 2.50, he/she will be placed on probation.

The candidature of a student may be terminated if he/she obtains the following:

  1. A CAP of less than 2.50 for two consecutive semesters;
  2. A CAP of less than 3.00 for three consecutive semesters.

CAP for continuation is computed based on all modules read (be it pass or fail).

Module Registration & Examination



  • NUS Department of Mathematics will pre-register all NUS-offered modules for students. This would be done just before the module registration period is open. For modules offered in SJTU, please refer here.
  • When module registration starts, students will follow the same module registration procedure and schedule as other graduate students in the Faculty of Science.
  • Students will have to bear the consequences of their decisions in adding/dropping modules, especially if they choose to drop pre-registered modules. Consequences include delayed graduate due to poor study-planning.
  • Part-time students may only read up to 2 modules per regular semester. Students are to ensure that they register for at least one module. If you have no intention to register for any module, please apply for Leave of Absence for the semester.
  • Not all modules are offered in the same semester or in the same pattern every year. Students are responsible in ensuring that they do not register for modules with any timetable clashes, and are able to attend classes and sit for examinations as scheduled.

Module Substitution

  1. Students must seek permission by writing to the Department before the start of module registration in any semester.
  2. Subject to departmental approval, students be allowed to substitute up to two modules in the programme with other approved modules (at the same or higher levels) to fulfil the graduation requirements.
  3. Students who have read and passed a module in the programme prior to admission into the programme will be required to read another module (at the same or higher level) approved by the Department.

Leave Application

Students are required to apply for Leave of Absence if they have to be away during their candidature or are unable to read any modules in any semester. Leave may be granted for up to one year only and the period of absence will be included in the maximum period of candidature.

Application for leave of absence should be submitted prior to the start of the semester. If a student applies for leave of absence after the second instructional week of the semester, he/she will be liable to pay fees for the entire semester.

A student who has to leave the programme for more than one year will have to withdraw from the programme.

All leave applications are to be submitted online. Students who are absent without leave are subject to disciplinary actions.

Useful Info for Students who are Graduating

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