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NUS-SJTU Joint Programme - M.Sc in Quantitative Finance (NUS-SJTU MQF)

Graduation Requirements

Continuation Requirements

Module Registration & Examination


  • NUS Department of Mathematics will pre-register all NUS-offered modules for students. This would be done just before the module registration period is open. For modules offered in SJTU, please refer here.
  • When module registration starts, students will follow the same module registration procedure and schedule as other graduate students in the Faculty of Science.
  • Students will have to bear the consequences of their decisions in adding/dropping modules, especially if they choose to drop pre-registered modules. Consequences include delayed graduate due to poor study-planning.
  • Part-time students may only read up to 2 modules per regular semester. Students are to ensure that they register for at least one module. If you have no intention to register for any module, please apply for Leave of Absence for the semester.
  • Not all modules are offered in the same semester or in the same pattern every year. Students are responsible in ensuring that they do not register for modules with any timetable clashes, and are able to attend classes and sit for examinations as scheduled.

Module Substitution

Leave Application

Useful Info for Students who are Graduating