National Awards & Accolades for Staff

Research Awards

National Science and Technology Awards (renamed as President's Science and Technology Awards in 2009)

The President's Science and Technology Awards (PSTA) are the highest honours bestowed on exceptional research scientists and engineers in Singapore for their excellent achievements in science and technology.  The awards, formerly known as the National Science and Technology Awards since 1987, have been elevated to the status of the President's awards to highlight and give due recognition to the important role research scientists and engineers play in Singapore.
[Source: A*STAR]

President’s Science Award
GAN Wee Teck2017

National Science Award
AJ BERRICK and WU Jie2007
LING San, Harald NIEDERREITER and XING Chaoping 2003
SUN Yeneng2000
Wayne LAWTON, LEE Seng Luan and SHEN Zuowei1998

National Technology Award
CHOW Shui Nee2001

National Science and Technology Award
Louis CHEN1991


Singapore Youth Award (Science and Technology)

CHAN Heng Huat2003
LING San2001

Young Scientist Award (Singapore National Academy of Sciences)

CHAN Heng Huat1999
ZHU Chengbo1998

Excellence for Singapore Award

Louis CHEN1997

Service Awards