International Awards & Accolades for Undergraduate


Participation in major conferences

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is the result of a joint initiative of the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies and the Klaus Tschira Stiftung, and is a one-week event combining scientific, social and outreach activities. The winners of the most prestigious awards in Mathematics and Computer Science, the Abel Prize, the Fields Medal (including the Nevanlinna Prize for contributions in Mathematical Aspects of Information Science), and the ACM Turing Award are invited to participate in the Forum. Each year the Scientific Committee of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation decides on a topical focus for the upcoming forum. Once the focus has been defined, applications from young scientists for participation in the forum are solicited. About 200 highly talented young researchers will participate in the forum each year.

Our undergraduate students (and graduate students) have been selected to participate in this Forum:

Ang Yan Sheng (2015 cohort) 5th Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2017



Mr Khor Shi-jie won the 20th APBF Youth Team Championship in 2015 (jointly with Singaporean representative Mr Peter Haw)