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Oppenheim Lecture 2017


Elon Lindenstrauss
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


On an effective proof of the Oppenheim Conjecture (joint work with G. A. Margulis)

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017, 2.00p.m to 3.30p.m.
Department of Mathematics, Seminar Room 1, Block S17 Level 4

Margulis’ proof in mid 80's of the longstanding Oppenheim Conjecture concerning values of indefinite quadratic forms at integer points using homogeneous dynamics, and the subsequent strengthening of this result by Dani and Margulis, were an important milestone in the development of the subject. I will describe joint work with Margulis which gives an effective proof of the Oppenheim conjecture, and explain how it relates to the quantitative study of unipotent flows.


Activities Held in Conjunction with Oppenheim Lecture