M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance by Coursework

The Master of Science in Quantitative Finance is a programme designed for students with a strong background in the mathematical sciences who wish to enhance their professional skills and qualifications in quantitative finance at postgraduate level. The programme may be completed in one year of full-time study or two to four years of part-time study. The programme is offered by the Department of Mathematics with the cooperation of the Department of Economics and the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability.

Programme Objective

As financial markets become more complex and sophisticated, higher level mathematical knowledge is required to better understand and analyze financial models and products and to mitigate risk. In the past thirty years, quantitative finance has developed into an active and fully-fledged branch of mathematics. The objective of the programme is to provide advanced coursework-based training in quantitative finance. Graduates of the programme are expected to acquire advanced knowledge in quantitative finance which will enable them to meet the growing demands by the financial sector for professionals with in-depth knowledge in quantitative finance. Elective modules offered by the Department of Economics and the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability provide the opportunity for the student to broaden and deepen his understanding of the background and implications of the use of quantitative methods in the financial industry.

Programme Structure

Prospective Students

Current Students