M.Sc. in Mathematics by Coursework
Coursework Project Guide

About the Project

Starting a Project

  • Decide on an area or topic to work on. It's good to have a framework in mind to facilitate discussion.
  • Check the list of faculty members on the Department's web for staff working in your area of interest/intended topic.
  • Contact the staff directly to set up discussion/appointment time.
  • If the staff agrees to supervise your coursework project, and both of you have agreed on the maximum duration to complete the project, complete and submit the Project Commencement Declaration form immediately.
  • A student may choose to complete the project within a minimum period of one semester or maximum period of two semesters.
  • In order to have as much time as possible to work on the project, students should complete this preparation process during module registration period.

Registering for Project Module

Project Report Submission

Extension of Project Duration

Changing Supervisor