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M.Sc. in Mathematics by Coursework (Prospective Students)

Admission Requirements

Fees & Scholarships 

Candidature Period

Type Fulltime Part-time*

Track 1

2 - 6 semesters
(or 1 - 3 years)

4 - 8 semesters
(or 2 - 4 years)

Track 2

4 - 8 semesters
(or 2 - 4 years)

7 - 10 semesters
(or 3.5 - 5 years)

*Candidature is longer for part-time students as they are only allowed to read a maximum of three modules in any semester (including project module).
This programme is designed primarily for students to pursue on fulltime basis, and majority of the modules offered will be scheduled in the day. As part-time and fulltime students will be reading a common set of modules, part-time students will be expected to make their own arrangements to attend most of their classes in the day. Prospective applicants whose working schedules are not flexible enough for them to take leave from their employers to attend day-time classes on a regular basis are strongly advised not to apply for the programme on part-time basis.

Application Procedure