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M.Sc. in Mathematics by Coursework (Prospective Students)

Admission Requirements

Fees & Scholarships 

Candidature Period

Application Procedure


When should I submit the application form?

You may do so anytime when the system is open. You are strongly encouraged to apply online and to adhere strictly to the closing dates for each intake. Applications submitted past deadlines will be automatically saved for the next intake, and will not be processed for the current intake.

All required documents, including payment of application fee, must reach us together with the application form before the closing date. Late payment and applications will not be processed.

When will my application be reviewed?

All applications are reviewed and considered by a committee only after the closing date. We are unable to review qualifications before the closing date, nor advise on whether you would be a suitable applicant or the chances of admission.

If I do not have an honours degree at all (i.e. only a basic degree), can I still apply to this programme?

Yes. You would then be considered for the Track 2 (80MC) programme.

Can I apply to this programme if my honours degree is not in the area of mathematics?

All applications are assessed for relevance in background knowledge and work experience, with respect to the course. You may still be considered favourably if you have sufficient knowledge to embark on the programme. Some of our students were trained in engineering at undergraduate level.

Which institutions are accredited with the Department or Faculty?

We do not have a full list of accredited institutions for reference. Nevertheless, we review all applications regardless of the applicants' background or affiliations. We would investigate further if the affiliations are unfamiliar, in order to make better informed decisions. Some of our students hold qualifications from overseas universities and the Open University at SIM.

Must I sit for TOEFL and GRE tests?

TOEFL ascertains a candidate's English language proficiency and is necessary if English is not your native tongue the medium of university instruction is not completely in English.

GRE is a comparative all-purpose test for graduate admission and is especially useful in helping us better assess the applicants with qualifications from outside NUS/Singapore. You are only required to sit for the GRE (general test).

For details on test centres and test dates, check the web sites of TOEFL and GRE.

Do you accept copies of test results for TOEFL and GRE tests?

If you have sat for the tests but are worried that the score sheets may not reach us in time, you may email or fax a copy of the test candidate's score sheet to us first. Processing of applications may be delayed if the required documents are not available during the review.

May I be exempted from sitting for TOEFL and GRE tests since they are not available in my province/country?

You may replace TOEFL with IELTS or an official certification letter from your institution indicating that the medium of teaching/instruction was English, whichever is available. But GRE test is not replaceable with any other tests.

Can I submit the test results after the application closing date, if there are no test dates available before the closing date?

You are strongly advised to plan ahead for the tests so that the results may reach us before the closing date. In the unfortunate event that the test results can only be submitted after application closing date, they must reach us within two weeks of the closing date.

When will I know the outcome of my application?

All applicants will be informed by 30 June (for the August intake) or 30 November (for the January intake). But we do not acknowledge receipt of applications, and are unable to answer queries related to the status of applications and chances of admission.

I need to find out more about the cost of living in Singapore.

The Office of Student Affairs web provides comprehensive information. 

I have been admitted to the programme but due to unforeseen circumstances, I may not be able to complete matriculation and commence study as planned. Can I defer my admission to the next intake?

You may request for deferment if you have been offered admission or have registered for it. Send us an email to request for a deferment, indicating the new start date. You will be notified of the outcome in due course.

I have problems continuing or completing the programme. Can I drop out from it?

You would need to complete and submit a form for it.

Can I change from fulltime study to part-time study (or vice versa) or upgrade from Track 2 to Track 1?

You would need to complete and submit a form for it.

Is there a closing date to apply for deferment, leave of absence or withdrawal?

There are no specific deadlines since we respect that such decisions may arise due to unforeseen circumstances. But you should request/apply at the earliest possible and preferably before the start of a semester to allow time for processing. Note that tuition fees that are paid may not be refunded after the cut-off dates even with valid reasons.

I can’t find answers in the FAQs above.

Check the FAQ page by the Faculty of Science. If you still can't find the answers, drop us an email.