Curriculum Updates

This page lists the latest changes to curriculum and modules which students should take note of, as it may affect their study plans and graduation.

1 August 2017

Students who were admitted directly to read primary major in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics with second major in Management:

  • BSP1703 Managerial Economics and DSC1704 Decision Analytics will be pre-allocated in Semester 2 of Year 1 of their candidature.
  • Both modules will only be pre-allocated once. If students drop any of them after pre-allocation, they will have to bid for the module/s regardless of the reasons for dropping.
  • If students drop the module/s and choose to read them in other semesters within their candidature, they will have to bid for the module/s.

This note will be listed as one of the FAQs in both primary major pages.


30 June 2017

Modules to be phased out:

  • MA1104 will be offered for the last time in Semester 1, AY2017/18
  • MA1508

Updates in prerequisites and/or preclusions:

  • MA1505, MA1507
  • MA2101, MA2101S, MA2108, MA2108S, MA2213, MA2214, MA2216, MA2219, MA2311
  • MA3111, MA3111S, MA3209, MA3220, MA3227, MA3229, MA3236, MA3252, MA3264, MA3266
  • MA4230, MA4254, MA4255, MA4260, MA4264, MA4269, MA4270, MA4271
  • MA5203, MA5205, MA5209, MA5210, MA5213, MA5231, MA5233, MA5235, MA5236, MA5237, MA5238, MA5240, MA5248, MA5253, MA5259, MA5260
  • QF3101

Updates in other module information:

  • MA1505 (workload distribution, syllabus)
  • MA2202 (module description)
  • MA5203 (workload, MC)
  • MA5205 (workload, MC)
  • MA5231 (upgraded to level 6000, syllabus)
  • MA5235 (module title, syllabus)
  • MA5237 (upgraded to level 6000)
  • MA5253 (module description)
  • QF4102 (module title)

New modules:

  • DSA2102
  • DSA3102 (from AY2018/19)
  • MA1508E
  • MA1511 (only for NUS Engineering students)
  • MA1512 (only for NUS Engineering students)
  • MA1513 (only for NUS Engineering students)
  • MA2104 (upgraded from MA1104)
  • MA5268
  • MA5269
  • MA6216 (upgraded from MA5231)
  • MA6217 (upgraded from MA5237)
  • QF5207 (only for MQF students)

Updates in curriculum/graduation requirements:

  • Major in Mathematics (cohort 2016/17)
  • Major in Applied Mathematics (cohort 2016/17)
  • Major in Quantitative Finance (cohort 2016/17)
  • Second Major in Mathematics (cohort 2012/13 onwards)
  • Minor in Mathematics (cohort 2013/14 onwards)
  • Minor in Financial Mathematics (cohort 2012/13 onwards)
  • M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance (cohort 2013/14 onwards)
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics (cohort 2009/10 onwards)
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics (cohort 2009/10 onwards)

Updates in sample study plans:

  • Major in Mathematics (new plans for cohorts 2016/17 onwards)
  • Major in Applied Mathematics (new plans for cohorts 2016/17 onwards)

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