Curriculum Updates

This page lists the latest changes to curriculum and modules which students should take note of, as it may affect their study plans and graduation.

30 June 2016

For Semester 1, AY2016/17:

  • GEK1505 will not be mounted. Only GEH1036 will be mounted for bidding and balloting by students from eligible cohorts.

Graduation requirements for Primary major in Applied Mathematics (AY2015/16 cohort):

  • CS1010X added (replacing CS1010FC).

Update in prerequisites and/or preclusion and/or and/or workload and/or assessment structure:

  • MA2501
  • MA3236
  • MA4271

Revision in Basic Module List for Graduate Programme in Mathematics by Research:

  • MA5217 added as alternative to MA5206 (only applicable to AY2016/17 and later cohorts).

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