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Module & Tutorial Registration

Students are to use Module Registration function at Education Records System (ModReg@EduRec) for module and tutorial registration.

All students are responsible in ensuring that:

  • They meet the prerequisites for the modules that they wish to register for (new graduate students who hold foreign qualifications should ensure that they have adequate background knowledge to read basic modules in the first year);
  • They are able to attend the classes and sit for the examinations as scheduled;
  • There are no class and examination timetable clashes in the modules registered in the same semester;
  • They plan their study wisely based on the graduation requirements.

Besides specific periods for registering for modules, there are also specific periods for dropping modules without and with penalty. These are clearly stated in the instructions for each category of students and must be adhered to.

Undergraduate Students

Non-graduating (Exchange or Non-Exchange) Students

Graduate Students