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Modules Offered

Important Notes

  1. This list is usually updated at the end of June before the new academic year, with any changes thereafter marked in red.
  2. Due to curriculum structure, demand and manpower constraints, not all modules can or will be offered even if they are listed. Some modules may also only be offered once in two or three years.
  3. Except for project-based modules,
    • all modules offered by the Department require a minimum enrolment of 5 students; and
    • it is at the Department’s discretion to cancel/close modules with less than 5 students; and
    • affected students would have to shop for other modules (where necessary).
  4. CS1231 is offered by School of Computing but co-taught by Mathematics department.
  5. Except for QF5210, all other QF5xxx modules are only offered to students pursuing M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance.
  6. QF5299 is a one-semester long module with 4MCs. It must start and complete within one regular semester or across two Special Terms (i.e. start in Special Term I and complete in Special Term II). No extension is allowed.
  7. In general, DSAxxxx modules are only offered to students pursuing major in DSA, second major in DA and MSc Data Science and Machine Learning.
  8. MA6xxx module courseware marked with "PhD-sup" are only offered to NUS Maths PhD and MSc students.
  9. This list is subject to change without prior notice. Students should check this page for updates especially closer to the module registration period.
  10. For module description and pre-requisite tree of modules, visit NUS Mods.

Modules Offered