Teaching Faculty

CHIN Chee Whye
Associate Professor

Research Interests: Arithmetic algebraic geometry, automorphic representations, L-functions.

Office: S17-07-14
Tel: 65166578
Email: cheewhyenus.edu.sg

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LI Wei

Research Interests: Ramsey's theorem on trees

Office: S17-05-19
Tel: 65168815
Email: matliwnus.edu.sg

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LIM Zhi Han

Research Interests: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Theoretical Physics

Office: S14-06-19
Tel: 65161684
Email: matlzhnus.edu.sg

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NG Kah Loon
Senior Lecturer
Assistant Dean, Faculty of Science

Research Interests: Graph theory and applications of Discrete Mathematics to Biology

Office: S17-07-20
Tel: 65162751
Email: matngklnus.edu.sg

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NG Wee Seng
Senior Lecturer

Research Interests: Finance

Office: S17-05-18
Tel: 65164673
Email: matnwsnus.edu.sg

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TAN Ban Pin

Research Interests: Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Office: S17-08-13
Tel: 65162748
Email: mattbpnus.edu.sg

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Senior Lecturer

Research Interests: Algebraic geometry

Office: S17-06-16
Tel: 65162937
Email: matwfnus.edu.sg

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YAP Weng Yin

Research Interests: Algebra

Office: S17-06-10
Tel: 65166911
Email: matyapwynus.edu.sg

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