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Undergraduate Study in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at NUS is the largest department in the Faculty of Science. We offer a wide range of modules catered to specialists contemplating careers in mathematical science research as well as to those interested in applications of advanced mathematics to science, technology and commerce. The curriculum strives to maintain a balance between mathematical rigour and applications to other disciplines.

We offer a variety of major and minor programmes, covering different areas of mathematical sciences, for students pursuing full-time undergraduate studies. Those keen in multidisciplinary studies would also find learning opportunities in special combinations such as double degree, double major and interdisciplinary programmes.

Honours graduates may further their studies with the Graduate Programme in Mathematics by Research leading to M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree, or with the M.Sc. Programme in Mathematics by Coursework.

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Taking Math in NUS: A Door That Opens to Many Possibilities
A short video by A/P Victor Tan on the real-world applications of mathematics, career prospects, and programme options available.


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