UROPS (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science)

Participation in UROPS allows the student the opportunity to engage in independent learning and research. It also affords the student the chance to delve into topics that may not be present in the regular curriculum.


Assessment for Maths Projects

  1. The supervisor is automatically the examiner.
  2. Student must submit the written report by:
    • 5pm on Monday of week 13, for projects to be completed in Semester 1 or 2;
    • 5pm on Monday of week 6, for projects to be completed in Special Term 1 or 2.
  3. The oral presentation, interview and their assessments must be completed and submitted by 5pm on Friday of the reading week (Semester 1 or 2) / week 6 (Special Term 1 or 2).
  4. Department recommends the following standard guidelines for assessment. The supervisor may propose a different set of assessment weightage and should do so in the proposal before it is endorsed by the department’s coordinator. No deviation is allowed once the proposal has been endorsed.
    • Written Report (50%)
      This consists of a systematic study and elaboration of the topic of the UROPS Project. The report shall be typed on A4 size paper and shall include a title page (see format).
    • Oral Presentation (20%)
      The student is required to give an oral presentation on the work done. The oral presentation shall last between 30 to 45 minutes.
    • Interview (30%)
      This will take place soon after the oral presentation. The purpose of the interview is to allow the supervisor to further probe the student's understanding of the material presented in the project. The interview shall last about 30 minutes.
    • Submission of abstract and full report
      On or before the specified deadline, the student submits one soft copy of the final report to the Department. A soft copy (in PDF format) of a four-page abstract of the report shall be submitted at the same time (see sample).  Information concerning the approved forms of software can be obtained from the department's UROPS coordinator.

Past Projects

List of Past Projects