Internship Opportunities

Internship is not part of the curriculum requirements for students reading major in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics/Quantitative Finance. Nevertheless, the Department encourages its students to proactively source for holiday internships to enhance their learning experience, which would be useful when they join the workforce.

Apart from sourcing for their own internships, students may also tap on existing resources such as holiday internship handled by the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduate and the Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP) managed by the Faculty of Science.


Important Notes 

UPIP modules are not allowed to be taken in year 4, and Enhanced UPIP is not allowed to be taken in the graduating semester.

List of Employers

General Workflow for UPIP

The simplified UPIP workflow below serves as a quick reference for students and academic advisors:

Before starting UPIP:

  1. Student seeks academic advisor to discuss intention and direction for UPIP;
  2. Academic advisor gives advice and support, where applicable;
  3. If UPIP is supported, student submits application online;
  4. Academic advisor accepts the application online;
  5. Student submits the workplan;
  6. Academic advisor approves the workplan;
  7. Student starts UPIP.

After UPIP has started/is in progress:

  1. Student submits online weekly reports;
  2. Academic advisor reviews the reports (at his/her discretion). For semester-long UPIP, student submits an online mid-term report on top of weekly reports.

At the end of UPIP:

  1. Student submits the final paper report to the academic advisor/mentor;
  2. Academic advisor is required to read the report before concluding the UPIP online.

For more specific details, refer to UPIP for students.

For employers who are keen to offer internships:

  • For an internship to be offered as UPIP, it must last for exactly 10 weeks as students would receive modular credits upon completion.
  • Internships that are shorter or longer than 10 weeks may still be offered as holiday internship through the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduate. No modular credits are given for completing holiday internships but they are equally important in enhancing students’ learning experience.
  • The Department and Faculty do not collate or screen applications. Students would send applications directly to the employer’s contact person.
  • Employers would be required to complete some paperwork before the position may be open for registration. Please refer to UPIP for employers for more details.

Academic Advisor for UPIP

Department Coordinator