Internship Opportunities

Internship is not part of the curriculum requirements for students reading major in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics/Quantitative Finance. Nevertheless, the Department encourages its students to proactively source for holiday internships to enhance their learning experience, which would be useful when they join the workforce.

Apart from sourcing for their own internships, students may also tap on existing resources such as holiday internship handled by the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduate and the Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP) managed by the Faculty of Science.


Important Notes 

UPIP modules are not allowed to be taken in year 4, and Enhanced UPIP is not allowed to be taken in the graduating semester.

List of Employers

General Workflow for UPIP

Academic Advisor for UPIP

The Academic Advisor for UPIP will be the student’s designated Academic Mentor, whose role is described here.

Note that the Academic Advisor would be re-assigned when a student switches to another major or department/faculty.

Department Coordinator