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Double Degree in Computer Science & Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

Computer Science and Mathematics share a synergistic relationship in many ways – foundations of computer science have its roots in mathematics starting from the notion of computation (the Turing machine); discrete mathematics is an indispensable tool in understanding structures and systems in computer science. On the other hand, inventions and advances in computer science have generated new frontiers for research in mathematics. As a result, many fundamental areas in Computer Science such as computability and computational complexity are very much part of Mathematics and vice versa. 

This double degree programme, jointly offered by the School of Computing and the Department of Mathematics, provides a standardized structure for students who are keen to pursue both disciplines. It also offers two specializations (optional) for students with special interest in either Algorithms and Computation or Multimedia Modeling.

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Some general FAQs for Double Degree Programme can be found at the Science website.

Note that this is a "specially-designed DDP" for students reading major in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. Students reading major in Quantitative Finance and Data Science & Analytics should refer to the guidelines for "student-designed DDP" which may have different rules on module overlap.

Admission Requirements