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Second Major in Mathematics

Students with strong interest in mathematics but majoring in other disciplines such as computer science, economics/business, engineering, physics or statistics, are encouraged to take up a Second Major in Mathematics.  This programme offers a broad-based education in mathematics and covers the same nine core mathematics modules as in the primary Major in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics. The three more elective modules in the requirements, from a list of interdisciplinary subjects, allow flexibility and ample scope for the student to design a programme which complements his/her primary major and other interests.

For more information on science second majors, visit Science Second Major page.


Important NotesĀ 

  • Students already reading a primary major in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Finance or Data Science & Analytics are not allowed to read a second major in Mathematics.
  • Students reading minor in Mathematics or Financial Mathematics are not allowed to read a second major in Mathematics concurrently.

Application Procedure

Second Major Requirements