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Double Major in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics & Economics

A Double Major is a single degree programme in which a student satisfies the requirements of two majors, a primary major and a second major. Double Majors are conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacities with a significant degree of depth by pursuing a second major alongside their primary major. By acquiring an additional set of skills, students are well-placed for multiple career options. A second major consist of at least 48 MCs of modules.

For students admitted in 2013/14 or earlier:

  • up to 8 MCs can be counted also towards the Faculty/Major/Minor requirements; and
  • at least 16 MCs must be at Level 3000.

For students admitted in 2014/15 or later:

  • up to 16 MCs can be counted also towards the Faculty/Major/Minor requirements (Note: for counting towards a Minor, only a maximum of 8 MCs are allowed); and
  • at least 16 MCs must be at Level 3000.

Students who complete a Double Major successfully will receive one degree scroll, for the primary major only. The second major will be recorded in the transcript.

The disciplines of Mathematics and Economics closely relate to and are natural complements of each other. On one hand, mathematical methods are indispensable to the development of economic theory and analysis. On the other hand, economics has provided a variety of important problems for mathematics such as those in optimization and operations research.

In this double major, students learn both the theory and applications of modern economics within advanced mathematical frameworks. The training that students receive ranges from probability theory through numerical analysis to economic analysis, computational as well as optimization techniques which are much sought after in the complex world of business and industry.

Graduates have been employed in a variety of areas, including banking and finance, and government. Many have also gone onto graduate study in areas such as statistics, economics, decision science and quantitative finance.

To provide an additional and more streamlined avenue for students of one department to do a second major in the other department, the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Economics have come together to jointly promote the Double Major in Economics and Mathematics, within the Double Major Programme framework of NUS.


Admission Requirements

Candidates may apply for admission in one of the following ways:

I.   Direct Admission

II. Application via EduRec