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B.Sc. & B.Sc. (Hons) with Major in Quantitative Finance (QF)

Quantitative Finance is a multidisciplinary programme that combines mathematics, finance and computing with a practical orientation that is designed for high-calibre students who wish to become professionals in the finance industry.

The curriculum for this programme is multidisciplinary with coverage in the following areas:

  • Mathematical Theory and Tools
  • Statistical Tools
  • Computing Theory and Techniques
  • Financial Theory and Principles
  • Core Financial Product Knowledge

The explosive growth of computer technology, globalization, and theoretical advances in finance and mathematics has resulted in quantitative methods playing an increasingly important role in the financial services industry and the economy as a whole.

New mathematical and computational methods have transformed the investment process and the financial industry. Today banks, investment firms, and insurance companies turn to technical innovation to gain competitive advantage. Sophisticated mathematical models are used to support investment decisions, to develop and price new securities and innovative products or to manage risk.

Hence there is an increasing demand from the industry for persons with high level of quantitative and analytical skills. Singapore is a major international financial centre and is well placed to meet the increased demand for financial services in East Asia as well as developing into a major risk management centre.

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